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Visiting a family solicitor doesn't mean your relationship is at an end

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By Demelza Patricio

A Relate study published yesterday (25 May 2016), says that 18% of couples in the UK argue regularly or are considering separating.

At TWM Solicitors, we often advise clients who are considering it, whether to separate or not. When doing this we try to explore sensitively with them whether they feel the relationship is actually at an end or not. Where it seems that there may be a possibility of saving the relationship, however small, we always encourage our clients to consider that and try to put them in touch with organisations such as Relate or other counsellors who may be able to help. For some people this may mean considering counselling as a couple. For others it may be having individual counselling to help them explore the issues they are considering to help decide whether they really do want to end the relationship.  Or, alternatively, whether they want to save the relationship but need support and practical strategies from a counsellor or therapist to help them do this.

One of the advantages of taking the legal advice early is that people can make informed decisions before separating. We can help clients to consider the potential consequences of separation, both in terms of their finances and the emotional and personal consequences, including the impact on their children. This can help people to decide whether this is something they really want to do or not, rather than perhaps rushing into a situation and then regretting it afterwards.

At TWM, our first meetings are typically up to an hour and a half providing time to find out full information about the client’s situation and provide detailed advice to equip the client with the knowledge they need to make those decisions.

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