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Parents - is this on the return to school list for your offspring?

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For parents, the return to school week provides a 'line in the sand' as to the development of their offspring through childhood.  Whether starting school for the first time, moving up to secondary school or starting a big year exam-wise, kids of Surrey / SW London will have left home in new shoes and uniform, no doubt with sleeves and trouser legs an inch or two too long!

In other words, as parents we do everything that we can to set our children up in the best possible way.  At this time of year, it is opportune therefore to ask if you are protecting them for the future?  Fundamental to this is to ask yourself a question?  Have you made a Will?

In short, a Will provides peace of mind for you and those closest to you.  It means were the worst to happen, what follows would be in accordance with your wishes.  Passing on without a Will means dying intestate.  A 'one size fits all' rule then applies to what happens to your wealth and possessions, and it may not be what you had intended.

Wills are easy to make and we can tell you how much it will cost without any obligation.  For the sake of making an enquiry, and deciding to proceed, you will gain:

  • Certainty that your estate passes to who you intend it to;
  • Assurance that your estate won't bear more inheritance tax than is necessary; and
  • Comfort that at a most difficult time, your family are carrying out your wishes.

Contact in the first instance and we will happily discuss your situation on a no obligation basis.