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Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today…

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By Allison Crossman

We often see clients at a very difficult time in their lives. They may have recently suffered a bereavement or suffering from serious illness. It is at times like these that the stark reality of their mortality hits home and they are faced with making sure their affairs are in order. One of the pressing issues is the wish to make sure they have provided for family by putting a Will in place or reviewing existing provisions.

When we see clients for the initial appointment it may be the first time we have met them. Understandably they may be reluctant to disclose news of serious illness to us and we sometimes learn of this much later on in the process.

Why though do the vast majority leave dealing with such an important issue until they faced with a serious illness in the family? We all know the importance of putting a Will in place so why is this left to be dealt with at a time when we may be struggling to come to terms with ill health?

Perhaps it is the shortness of time? We do understand that this is a job which can easily be put off for another day especially when you are facing the pressures of work and family life. Would it really be better though to leave dealing with your Will to a time when you or a family member could be facing serious illness?

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