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Increasing Your Maintenance In Line With The Retail Prices Index (RPI) or Consumer Prices Index (CPI)

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By Demelza Patricio

Reigate office of TWM Solicitors

Reigate office of TWM Solicitors

Financial orders often include a provision that maintenance will increase automatically in line with the RPI or, more commonly nowadays the CPI.

It is probably easiest to use a worked example:-

In an order, maintenance is payable at £500 per month. The order is dated 1st June 2013. The first variation will therefore take place on 1st June 2014 and will take into account the RPI for March 2013 (15 months before the date of the variation) and March 2014 (three months before the date of the variation).

The RPI for March 2013 is £248.7. The RPI for March 2014 is £254.8.

The formula for increasing maintenance is:-

(amount of maintenance) x (later month) ÷ (earlier month)

i.e. £500 x £254.8 ÷ £248.7 = £512.26.

When carrying out the same exercise the following year, it will be the figure of £512.26 which is then multiplied by the figure for March 2015 and divided by the figure for March 2014.

You can find RPI and CPI figures on the Office for National Statistics website

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