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Fee Rise for Death Certificates

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By Duncan Mitchell-Innes

The fees for death certificates have now risen, as from 16 February 2019.

Previously, the three fees for death certificates were:

  • £4 if requested when registering the death;

  • £7 if requested after registering the death, but whilst the register is still open; and

  • £10 for certificates requested after the register has been closed.

The new fees are £11 for each of the above scenarios.

If you requested 10 death certificates when registering a death, the cost prior to the rate rise would have been £40, whereas now it would be £110 – a 175% increase.

Whilst some original death certificates might be required – for example, if there are life policies that need to be closed - many other institutions such as banks, share registrars and NS&I will accept a Solicitor signed Death Certificate Verification Form. Due to Crown Copyright, death certificates cannot be photocopied. However, a Solicitor signed Death Certificate Verification Form is an accepted method of providing the death certificate information needed without having to pay for and send in additional death certificates.

We can produce the Death Certificate Verification Forms at no extra cost where we are acting for the executors to help them deal with the deceased persons estate and to apply the Grant of Probate.

If you do have any queries on the above and how we could help, please do feel free to contact Duncan Mitchell-Innes, or a member of our Private client team.

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