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Family Law Blog - Take Legal Advice Early!

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Take Legal Advice Early!

Over the last few years, as people have had less money due to the economic climate and the growth of the internet has meant that more information is freely available with regard to divorce related issues, many people are choosing to deal with their own divorces and related financial matters. Increasingly, we are finding ourselves trying to help clients get out of situations that they have got themselves into because they haven’t taken legal advice at the right time. Taking legal advice early can often save thousands of pounds either in legal fees or in terms of the resolution of finances, at a later date.

If you have had advice early on about the appropriate way to deal with finances on a separation and on the divorce documents, you may well be able to deal with a lot of the proceedings yourself, with your solicitor just in the background to give you advice when it is needed. However, if you enter into a written agreement or even a consent order with terms that are actually unworkable or unfair to you, it can be much harder and therefore much more expensive for us to try to rectify the situation. Sometimes people think they have come to an agreement about finances and it all starts to unravel, meaning that the solicitor’s costs they incur are much greater in trying to sort out the situation than if solicitors had been involved in putting financial proposals forward and clearly recording any agreement reached, at an early stage.

At TWM, we generally offer a fixed fee first meeting and written report which will generally give clients all of the information they need at an early stage and help them avoid these pitfalls. We are happy to give clients “ad hoc” legal advice when it is needed, to help save costs.

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