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Family law blog - Surviving the Holidays

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For parents whose relationship has broken down, making arrangements for the children during school holidays can be really tricky. Here are some ideas to help you:-

1. Try to agree the dates that the children are to spend with each of you at least three or four months before hand. You may need to agree dates earlier if one or both of you are taking the children away on holiday. Give yourselves plenty of time to agree dates.

2. Focus on quality rather than quantity of time with the children.

3. Give the children some quiet days at home. They don’t need to spend every day going out to expensive activities. They may want to have a few days of just chilling out. Try not to overcompensate for not seeing them as much by cramming loads of activities into the time you do have.

4. If you’re taking the children away on holiday, encourage them to phone your ex regularly. If the children are too young to have phone conversations, send brief text messages to let your ex know the children are okay.

5. Think about some of the practicalities. If you’re taking the children away on holiday, are you going to make sure all of their clothes are washed before you return them to the other parent? These the kinds of things that can cause huge resentment between parents. Communication is always the key.

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