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Family Law Blog - Divorce and its negative effect on children

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By Sarah Cornes

An article in The Times today (24 November) suggests that divorce has a significant and negative effect on children, leading to poorer examination results and a greater likelihood of drug/alcohol misuse. In other words divorce can drastically affect children’s life chances. Each year around 100,000 under 16s experience divorce. Other effects include stress and eating disorders.

The findings of a Report by Resolution, the association of family lawyers, (of which many in the TWM team are members), underline how important it is that parents going through divorce or separation do so in a way that minimises the stress and impact on the entire family.

Today marks the beginning of Family Dispute Resolution Week, supported in full by the TWM family team, to promote ways to settle divorce disputes that avoid going to court. The options include mediation and arbitration, whereby qualified solicitors work with the couple to sort out arrangements regarding children and finances in a fair, frank, cost effective and time efficient manner.

Furthermore, Resolution just in the past year has launched a Help and Support for Separated Families (HSSF) quality mark, consistently promoting parents working together after relationship breakdown. A number of the TWM team have this mark and a number of others are working towards it.

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