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Club versus owner row overshadows famous Surrey golf venue

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By David Powell

The row between the new owner of Wentworth Golf Club and its members shows no sign of abating. In fact the opposite appears the case. Members have sent a 15 page letter to the Chinese owners, Reignwood, telling them to drop their plans or face legal action.

Reignwood are proposing:

  • A reduction in the membership from 4,000 down to 800;
  • That retained members pay a one off charge of £100,000; and
  • A 100% increase in annual fees from £8,000 to £16,000.

The chairman of the Wentworth Residents Association claims Reignwood appear intent of materially changing the character of the golf club by reducing membership numbers and accessibility. There is also debate as to whether the proposed reforms breach a 50 year old trust document which is said to guarantee the character of the club.

With lawyers involved on both sides the argument seems set to run for some time yet. Wentworth hosts the PGA Championship for four days from 26 May 2016.

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