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Cleaning up the image of the Personal Injury market

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By David Hitchcock. 

The ban on referral fees between lawyers and claims management firms was introduced in April this year. As a consequence, the number of companies registered to handle personal injury claims fell by 30% to 1,700 in just three months, and the trend is set to continue.

In banning referral fees, the government is tackling head-on the growing compensation culture in the country, which is hitting everybody in the pocket through higher insurance premiums. By starting to clean up the industry and forcing out rogue firms, the image of personal injury claims may start to improve.

At TWM Solicitors we pride ourselves on doing things differently when it comes to incidents such as Road Traffic Accidents (RTA), accidents in the workplace and medical negligence

We do not subscribe to the idea that such claims can be properly and adequately dealt with by “factory" law firms who process such claims as a high volume business and where the only contact between the client and lawyer (who is very often based in a city miles away) is by telephone or email.

We believe that anyone who has been involved in a genuine accident, or has a genuine claim against a medical practitioner, deserves to be treated as an individual so that they recover exactly what they are entitled to at Law. No two individuals are the same, and no two cases are the same.

We have expert lawyers with a track record of pursuing successful claims arising from road traffic accidents, accidents at work, and from the negligence of medical practitioners.

In many such cases we will consider taking the case on the basis of a conditional fee agreement (“no win no fee”).

Our lawyers have access to selected specialist Barristers and other experts, who will often have to be called upon in order to put together the best case possible. Such experts include: medical experts of various disciplines; employment experts; forensic accountants; and engineering experts.

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